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Digital Art (Fully Shaded)
I will draw a sketch, digitally make the lineart, color and shade any drawing of your choice. (As long as it's suitable.)
I will sketch a drawing of your choice and draw it as Line Art digitally, followed by coloring it in.
Line Art DIGITAL (No colour)
You will get a lineart picture of a character of your choice. Details can be discussed in notes.
Normal Art Sketches Headshot (No colour)
Sketches with no shading are 15 Points and if you want an extra character, you must pay 5+ points.

Sketches with shading are 25 points, and an extra 10+ points are required if you want an additional character.

(I currently only do headshots, as I'm not comfortable with drawing full body characters just yet. Once I'm ready to do full body sketches, I will announce it.)

(Points MUST be paid via the donation pool on my profile page. Only send me the points once I have finished the picture, as I cannot guarantee how long it will take to complete the picture)

Current status: OPEN! Commission as much as you want if you have the points! X3
Story Commissions
Short Vore story commissions here.

20 Points
Story Commissions
Long Vore Story commissions here.

50 Points

Newest Deviations

Vynlara the Rayquaza! by Keoboost Vynlara the Rayquaza! :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 20 68
(PREVIEW) Confrontation with Smaug
I stared down into the wyvern dragons huge fleshy cavern, not directly above it, but in front of it dangling on a rope, guarded by rows of lethally large sharp teeth, saliva dripping from his mouth and his throat agape, hungrily and anxiously awaiting it's prey, the thick slimy tongue wavering about, waiting to get a taste of me, as i hung loosely from a thick piece of rope that Smaug held in front of his mouth with his wing talons. Those giant, glowing orbs that were his eyes looked like they had fire burning in them, but didn't seem hostile. Instead, they seemed more...'teasing'. "What's wrong human?...Afraid that you won't make it and that my teeth with spear through your little chest and you'll die painfully? Having second thoughts about my stomach, thinking about the fact that it may not be merciful?...Worried that my insides will be merciless to you? Want to turn back? You said you willingly wanted to venture through my insides, wouldn't that be a great honor, regardless of wheth
:iconkeoboost:Keoboost 8 172
Looks like i'll be giving you the 'tour' today~... by Keoboost Looks like i'll be giving you the 'tour' today~... :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 3 54 Innards Practice - Belly! (Fully Coloured) by Keoboost Innards Practice - Belly! (Fully Coloured) :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 7 9 Innards Practice - Belly! (Lineart) by Keoboost Innards Practice - Belly! (Lineart) :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 1 0 Floazina, My new Floatzel OC by Keoboost Floazina, My new Floatzel OC :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 5 18 RUN ROWLETT RUN! by Keoboost RUN ROWLETT RUN! :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 0 1 Fully Animated Charx Icon by DarkmaneTheWerewolf by Keoboost Fully Animated Charx Icon by DarkmaneTheWerewolf :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 29 108 Lydnara by Keoboost Lydnara :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 2 5 Charx as a regular Charizard by Keoboost
Mature content
Charx as a regular Charizard :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 4 12
Epic. Just Epic. (MHGen) by Keoboost Epic. Just Epic. (MHGen) :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 1 4 Keo the Latiphin! (Sketch) by Keoboost Keo the Latiphin! (Sketch) :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 3 178 Charx by Keoboost Charx :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 16 35 (REVAMPED) Kimoni, Rakiru's Brother from Heaven by Keoboost (REVAMPED) Kimoni, Rakiru's Brother from Heaven :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 5 15 Photoshop Test: Kinesis by Keoboost Photoshop Test: Kinesis :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 1 1 INSTALLING MONSTER HUNTER ONLINE!! by Keoboost INSTALLING MONSTER HUNTER ONLINE!! :iconkeoboost:Keoboost 2 2


Pour Me a Heavy Dose of Atmosphere by Striped-Orca Pour Me a Heavy Dose of Atmosphere :iconstriped-orca:Striped-Orca 13 3 Cozy Cave by VoraciousPanda Cozy Cave :iconvoraciouspanda:VoraciousPanda 124 12 Yo Samurott and Brand New ArtStyle :3 by SoftMonKeychains Yo Samurott and Brand New ArtStyle :3 :iconsoftmonkeychains:SoftMonKeychains 221 27 Mariosaurus Rex by Darksilvania Mariosaurus Rex :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 564 36 Voice of the sea (Shark TF TG) by Avianine Voice of the sea (Shark TF TG) :iconavianine:Avianine 26 12 Isle - The Runner by wolffuchs Isle - The Runner :iconwolffuchs:wolffuchs 77 32 Savage by nganlamsong Savage :iconnganlamsong:nganlamsong 295 31 [G] Two Poketaurs by Sabre471 [G] Two Poketaurs :iconsabre471:Sabre471 34 3 Nathan :: Pidgeot :: Bustshot by Lornext Nathan :: Pidgeot :: Bustshot :iconlornext:Lornext 14 12 Single sketch 1 by Lornext Single sketch 1 :iconlornext:Lornext 4 1 Sketch Dump 1 by Lornext Sketch Dump 1 :iconlornext:Lornext 10 1
Pokemon RP #23-Double Scenarios
Scenario 1-Wrestler
You are a chubby Pokemon who lives in a world where Pokemon rule, and humans are mostly viewed as nothing but delicacies. And in this world, you were known as a famous wrestler, one who finishes off his opponents by smothering their head beneath your fat gut until they fall unconscious. The rules of Pokemon wrestling were  only physical moves are allowed and you win by forcing your opponents into unconsciousness. Today you were entering a wrestling tournament, and the prize was money, a trophy, and a small young human boy, who was being kept trapped inside of a cage. The human was intended to be a victory meal for the winner, but you wanted the kid as a pet instead. You made your way to the finals, and your last opponent was a big Snorlax. He was very tough, but you managed to defeat him, albeit you were covered in sweat. You were declared as the victor, meaning you could claim your prizes. You saw the human boy sitting inside the cage. What do you do?
:iconserperiormaster:SerperiorMaster 2 487
Didnt Quite Go Down In One - Finished Auction by TitanLeon Didnt Quite Go Down In One - Finished Auction :icontitanleon:TitanLeon 33 1 It Will Be Okay by ilbv It Will Be Okay :iconilbv:ilbv 12 2 Unexplored Territory (plus depthy version) by VoraciousPanda Unexplored Territory (plus depthy version) :iconvoraciouspanda:VoraciousPanda 113 15 Orca Bed by VoraciousPanda Orca Bed :iconvoraciouspanda:VoraciousPanda 132 20


Journal History

I will hopefully be bringing out the full short story of "Confrontation with Smaug" soon after i finish my FINAL final exam next Monday! Sit tight guys! ;)


Keoboost's Profile Picture
Kerim Osman
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm 15 and i'm one with a burning passion, A FIERY SPIRIT AS THEY CALL ME!!!! I joined to check out other pics and write stories. I like Vore pics. Thx for viewing my profile. I might make/upload pics. XD
I do roleplays cuz i love 'em! (Post this RP pic on your profile ID if you roleplay!)

Commissions in progress:

Pencil drawing of the head of Delilah (Pencil Sketch, No Color) :iconcobalttherighteous: NOT STARTED YET

Eva the King Cobra (Pencil Sketch, No Color) :iconcobalttherighteous: NOT STARTED YET

Airliner OC with Normal Parts and color (Lineart+Flat Color and maybe some shading) :icondiamondg489: NOT STARTED YET

Plushie Shiny Reshiram that noms a human (Lineart+Flat Color and maybe some shading) :iconalex-dessiere: NOT STARTED YET

My fav pokemon!:

Charizard by CreepyJellyfish

Giratina by CreepyJellyfish

Kyurem by CreepyJellyfish / Kyurem-black by CreepyJellyfish / Kyurem-white by CreepyJellyfish

Groudon by CreepyJellyfish

Garchomp by CreepyJellyfish

DRAGON PRIDE METER:███████████████ 100.0 % If your proud to be a Dragon lover, stick this on your page!


Keoboost has started a donation pool!
3,005 / 3,000
Donations would be really appreciated, i want to commission a very good vore animation icon maker: darkmanethewerewolf.deviantart…, but the commission cost is 2,300. Please help me reach my goal! Any and all donations will really be appreciated!

You must be logged in to donate.


I will hopefully be bringing out the full short story of "Confrontation with Smaug" soon after i finish my FINAL final exam next Monday! Sit tight guys! ;)
Applied for McDonalds! Didn't need a CV! They said i can start working at the start of July even though i'm 15 because my birthday is on the 5th of July if i get accepted! Now i'm waiting for a response from the Manager to see if i get accepted or not! :D :dummy:
I'll start with the good news. I found a job i could work at! McDonald's! And could earn me a lot of money! :D

Bad news...I haven't a clue what my predicted grades are, and without that, i won't be able to setup a CV to give in with the application. QAQ
I have to go to my Head of Year after the exam on Monday and ask him for my predicted grades so i can set up my CV and hopefully get started!

WOOOOOO!! :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:

This might look like an exaggeration, but those of you who have been through it already know how good it feels~... ;w;
So! I've been through 10 of the 15 exams that need to be done before i'm completely finished with school, and i'll tell you guys something. IT FEELS GOOD TO HAVE A FREE TIMETABLE EVERY DAY. :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :D :D

After i'm done with the last 5 exams (those being one tomorrow, 3 during the next week, and the final one on the Tuesday after), I'll be more than free for anyone to rp more frequently with me, and i'll be more open to doing frequent art again! I'm still wondering what i'm going to do in terms of an Art Tablet though, as according to some advice from other Art Tablet usera, a Small sized Art Tablet is a bit too small and uncomfortable to use for someone with big hands, and my hands are big. Sooo...i'm in a bit of a jam, because many of the medium sized Art Tablets out there cost as much as $180! $180 for a medium sized Art Tablet with no screen! That's like $50 less than what you'd need for an UGEE brand Art Tablet that has a screen! That's like, too overpriced for me... QAQ

So honestly, in terms of art, i'm unsure what i will be doing...but besides that, everything is a huge plus for me! 12 WEEKS OF SUMMER HOLIDAY, HERE I COME!


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nice to greet sorry for the late reply I like your icon btw, I see your into reptile vore Mr. Rawr appetite gif 
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Yus, i am! .w. I very much like it! It's nice to meet ya too!
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I'm done with you.  Time after time I tried to be the nice guy... and yet you can't give me the benefit of the doubt.  I was having a rough day yesterday and wanted to talk, so you pushed me away.  I try to be your friend and comment on your things and such, but you give me nothing in return.  You never reach out to me, never ask how I'm doing, nothing.  I'm done.  Fuck off and leave me alone.
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Kerim, it's Fred.  I know you hate me, but I'm having a really hard time and I want my friends back...
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